[EVENT] Tubeat’s Writer Recruitment (2023.09.01.~2023.09.30.)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Tubeat is recruiting writers. Anyone who loves to use Tubeat’s services can participate. Please do not miss the exclusive benefits for Tubeat’s writers!

1. Requirements: All Tubeat users who can create videos or are familiar with writing

2. Duration: 2023.09.01.~2023.09.30.

  • If the allocated budget is exhausted, the event can end earlier than the notice duration.

3. Conditions: Manufacture content related to Tubeat’s services and Upload them to other channels during the event period.

  • The content should include Tubeat’s URL (tubeat.world).
  • Duplicate content is not allowed.
  • The content another person made is not permitted.

4. Benefits: After the event period, Tubeat will offer shopping cash as Tubeat balance (October 10th). Also, Tubeat will provide a priority when we recruit our supporters.

  • For video content, 30,000 KRW will be provided.
  • For image content, 10,000 KRW will be provided.
  • For text content, 1,000 KRW (under 100 characters) / 5,000 KRW (over 300 characters) will be provided.
  • The comprehensive content will be estimated as the one which is provided a larger amount of shopping cash.
  • After Tubeat checks the uploaded content, Tubeat can provide additional shopping cash. If the uploaded content is inappropriate or abuses this event, Tubeat can deny offering the shopping cash.

5. How to apply: Leave the URL that shows the content at Tubeat customer support center.

  • Question category: Others / Subject: Tubeat’s Writer / Question details: the URL for the content

Do not hesitate to join this event! Thanks.

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