[Tubeat Announcement] Temporary closure of shipping services and customer center (November 18th (Fri))

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Thank you for loving Tubeat. Tubeat will upgrade its system and expand its warehouse to provide better services to our customers. Accordingly, we should suspend our shipping services and customer support center on that day. We would appreciate your understanding.

* Temporary Closure Date: November 18th (Fri)
* Temporary Closure Business: Shipping services (Registration of parcels, Packing processes, Transferring processes, etc.) and Customer Support Center (Applying requests, Replying to inquiries, etc.)
* The Date of Return to Work: November 21st (Mon), 9:00 AM KST

We will resume all suspended work from the next business day and try hard to complete all delayed requests as soon as possible. We will do our utmost to satisfy all our customers with improved services.

Once again, we would appreciate it if you could understand our circumstances.

Thank you.

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