[Tubeat Shipping] Availability of Air Mail and Sea Parcel shipments by major countries (10.17.)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

On October 17th, Korea Post announced the availability of Air Mail & Sea Parcel shipments by major countries as follows.

* Based Date: 2022.10.17. (Mon), KST
* The availability of Air Mail & Sea Parcel shipments by major countries

Australia (Air Mail: O / X)

Austria (Air Mail: X / X)

Azerbaijan (Air Mail: X / X)

Bangladesh (Air Mail: X / O)

Belgium (Air Mail: X / X)

Bhutan (Air Mail: X / X)

Brazil (Air Mail: O / X)

Bulgaria (Air Mail: O / X)

Cambodia (Air Mail: X / X)

Canada (Air Mail: O / O)

Chile (Air Mail: X / X)

China (Air Mail: O – restricted / O – restricted)

Cyprus (Air Mail: O / X)

Czech Republic (Air Mail: X / X)

Denmark (Air Mail: X / X)

Egypt (Air Mail: O / X)

Ethiopia (Air Mail: X / X)

Finland (Air Mail: X / O)

France (Air Mail: O / X)

Georgia (Air Mail: O / X)

Germany (Air Mail: O / O)

Ghana (Air Mail: O / X)

Greece (Air Mail: X / X)

Hong Kong (Air Mail: O / O)

Hungary (Air Mail: X / X)

India (Air Mail: X / X)

Indonesia (Air Mail: X / O)

Iran (Air Mail: O / X)

Ireland (Air Mail: X / O)

Israel (Air Mail: X / X)

Italy (Air Mail: O / X)

Japan (Air Mail: O / O)

Jordan (Air Mail: O / X)

Kazakhstan (Air Mail: O / X)

Kenya (Air Mail: X / X)

Kuwait (Air Mail: O / X)

Laos (Air Mail: O / X)

Lebanon (Air Mail: O / X)

Luxembourg (Air Mail: O / X)

Malaysia (Air Mail: O / O)

Maldives (Air Mail: O / X)

Mexico (Air Mail: X / X)

Mongolia (Air Mail: O / X)

Myanmar (Air Mail: O / X)

Netherlands (Air Mail: X / X)

New Zealand (Air Mail: X / X)

Nigeria (Air Mail: X / X)

Norway (Air Mail: X / O)

Oman (Air Mail: X / X)

Peru (Air Mail: X / X)

Philippines (Air Mail: O – restricted / X)

Poland (Air Mail: O / O)

Portugal (Air Mail: O / X)

Qatar (Air Mail: X / X)

Romania (Air Mail: O / X)

Russia (Air Mail: O / X)

San Marino (Air Mail: O / X)

Saudi Arabia (Air Mail: X / X)

Singapore (Air Mail: X / O)

Slovenia (Air Mail: O / X)

South Africa (Air Mail: O / X)

Spain (Air Mail: O / O)

Sri Lanka (Air Mail: X / X)

Sweden (Air Mail: X / O)

Switzerland (Air Mail: X / X)

Taiwan (Air Mail: X / X)

Tanzania (Air Mail: X / X)

Thailand (Air Mail: O / O)

Tunisia (Air Mail: O / X)

Turkey (Air Mail: X / X)

Ukraine (Air Mail: O / X)

United Arab Emirates (Air Mail: X / X)

United Kingdom (Air Mail: O / X)

USA (Air Mail: O / O)

Uzbekistan (Air Mail: X / X)

Vatican (Air Mail: O / X)

Vietnam (Air Mail: O / X)

If anyone has items to be shipped by Air Mail or Sea Parcel, please carefully note the notice above when you select courier.

Thank you.

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