[EVENT] Shipping service FREE gift promotion (2022.09.13.~Until stock runs out)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

From September 13th, Tubeat will present FREE Gifts to all customers using our Tubeat shipping service.

FREE Gift 1. 1 multi-pen
   ※ We will provide one of 5 colors multi-pen at random.

FREE Gift 2. 1 tin case

FREE Gift 3. 1 premium tin case
   ※ We will provide it to customers who have used our shipping service more than 3 times within a month and have paid more than 100,000 KRW for the shipping service.
   ※ We have 6 kinds of premium tin cases, but we will provide one of them at random.

Once all stocks of FREE Gifts run out, Tubeat may provide only one of them, and this event can end early.

Thank you.

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