[EVENT] Buy Product service promotion (2022.07.01.~2022.08.31.)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

From July 1st (Fri) to August 31st (Wed), the Tubeat’s Buy Product service promotion will be held.
During this period, the Buy Product service fees will be discounted as follows, so please stay tuned for our services.

Less than 10,000 KRW / per payment: 1,000 KRWFREE
Exceed 10,000 KRW ~ Less than 100,000 KRW / per payment: 2,000 KRWFREE
Exceed 100,000 KRW ~ Less than 200,000 KRW / per payment: 3,000 KRWFREE
Exceed 200,000 KRW ~ Less than 300,000 KRW / per payment: 4,000 KRWFREE
Exceed 300,000 KRW ~ Less than 400,000 KRW / per payment: 5,000 KRWFREE
Exceed 400,000 KRW ~ Less than 500,000 KRW / per payment: 6,000 KRWFREE
Exceed 500,000 KRW / per payment: 1.5% of total payment amountFREE

Products adding fee (Same website / Exceed 5 products) / per product: 500 KRWFREE

The above service fees do NOT contain the payment process fees (PayPal fee or Credit/Debit card fee).
Please kindly understand that we can NOT discount the above service fees after the promotion period.

Thank you.

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