[Korean Websites] The list of Korean websites selling Korean accessories

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Do you want to be fancy? How about using Korean accessories? It will make you bling!
Please refer to the below if you need the Korean websites to buy them.

1   AEKKI(애끼)   https://www.aekki.com/
2   anything else(애니띵엘스)   https://anythingelse.co.kr/
3   August Harmony(어거스트 하모니)   http://www.august-harmony.com/
4   cheezesalt(치즈솔트)   https://cheezesalt.com/
5   COCOBLING(코코블링)   https://www.cocobling.co.kr/
6   DOROCY (도로시쥬얼리)   http://www.dorocy.co.kr/
7   earneckhands(이어넥핸즈)   http://earneckhands.com/
8   EDEL TRAU(에델프라우)   http://www.edelfrau-jewelry.com/
9   FLOWERS ON YOU(플라워즈온유)   https://flowersonyou.co.kr/
10   gyul factory(귤팩토리)   https://gyul-factory.com/index.html
11   JESTINA(제이에스티나)   https://www.jestina.co.kr/
12   kitsch island(키치아일랜드)   https://m.kitschisland.com/
13   LLOYD(로이드)   https://www.lloydgift.com/main
14   LOVEUN(럽은)   https://loveun.co.kr/index.html
15   LUVRE PARIS(루브르파리)   http://www.luvreparis.co.kr/index.html
16   MACIER(마씨에르 쥬얼리)   https://macier.kr/
17   martha in the garret(마사인더가렛)   http://www.shop-martha.com/
18   MCCOII(멕코이)   http://www.mccoii.com/
19   MISS21(미스21)   http://miss21.co.kr/index.html
20   MURMURER(뮤흐뮤흐)   http://xn--2d3ba563sba.com/
21   nookyoon(눅윤)   http://nookyoon.kr/index.html
22   Rosemont(로즈몽)   https://rosemont.co.kr/
23   rubymoon(루비문)   http://rubymoon.kr/
24   SOO & SOO(수앤수)   http://www.soo-soo.co.kr/
25   Strawberry sherbet(딸기샤베트)   https://www.strawberry-s.com/
26   STUDENT JELLY!(스튜던트젤리)   https://www.hellogg.com/
27   THIERS(티에르)   http://www.thiers.co.kr/
28   windygirl(윈디걸)   http://www.windygirl.co.kr/
29   WINGBLING(윙블링)   https://wingbling.co.kr/
30   wooselfish(우셀피시)   http://www.wooselfish.com/

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