[EVENT] Providing Shopping Cash Event for Tubeat warehouse users (202.06.01. ~ 2022.06.30.)

Hello, this is Tubeat.

From June 1st (Wed) to June 30th (Thu), Tubeat will provide shopping cash for up to 10,000 KRW to the customers using the Tubeat warehouse. Please check the below and enjoy cheaper Korean shopping with Tubeat.

▶ Get 1,000 KRW of Tubeat shopping cash
– For customers who send items to Tubeat Warehouse to use our shipping service
– However, Tubeat shopping cash is limited to a maximum of 10 parcels only for customers who complete the verification.
– We will provide Tubeat shopping cash on June 3rd (Fri), 7th (Tue), 13th (Mon), 20th (Mon), 27th (Mon), and July 1st (Fri). It will be made only for parcels arriving before the above date.
☞ How can I use Tubeat Shipping Service? ☜

We will provide Tubeat shopping cash as a Tubeat balance, which is limited to a maximum of 10,000 KRW. You only can use Tubeat shopping cash to pay for our services. (We do NOT allow you to refund it to your PayPal.) Please kindly understand that depending on the budget, we can adjust the event period. We will NOT offer Tubeat shopping cash after the event is over.

Thank you.

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