[Tubeat] Regarding Topping-up Tubeat balance via Wire Transfer

Hello, this is Tubeat.

To reduce the high fee of PayPal for Tubeat users, we added a new feature, “International Wire Transfer,” to top up the Tubeat Balance. You can now top up your Tubeat Balance via the 3rd party wire transfer service such as Transfer Wise and Xoom.

We only accept wire transfers in USD to top up your Tubeat balance. The transferred amount will convert the amount sent by wire transfer based on the exchange rate of Tubeat that our partner banks provide. Therefore, please note that you should send the amount in USD when using TransferWise to top up your Tubeat balance.

We are negotiating a business agreement with a partner bank for the wire transfer in KRW. Accordingly, our partner bank only accepts the wire transfer via the International Wire Transfer in KRW before contracting. Also, please understand that the Local Bank Transfer is NOT allowed to top up your Tubeat balance.

You can use USD to top up your balance by Wire Transfer from today, and we hope that Tubeat users will be able to reduce any costs even a little.

Thank you.

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