[Tubeat] Regarding using the Fee Calculator

Hello, this is Tubeat.

On May 2nd (Mon), we added the new menu, the “Fee Calculator” that can calculate the estimated fee of the Tubeat service. You can check the estimated fee before using our Send Payment, Buy Product, or Shipping service and can use Tubeat services more conveniently. Regarding how to use “Fee Calculator,” please refer to the below.

[How to use “Fee Calculator”]
1. Log in to Tubeat.
2. Click the “Fee Calculator” page.
3. Click the service you want to check. (Send Payment / Buy Product / Warehouse)
4. Enter the information.
   – Send Payment: Enter “Request Amount (KRW)”
   – Buy Product: Enter “Request Amount (KRW)” and “Quantity of Request Items”
   – Warehouse: Select “Country” and Enter “City, Zip Code, Weight (kg), Width (cm), Length (cm), and Height (cm)”
5. Click the “Estimate” button.

Please note that the actual amount can be different from the estimated one.
For “Warehouse”, the shipping fees of Air Mail and Sea Parcel are not applied yet. Accordingly, you may not check those shipping fees even if you can use them for courier. To make you can check them shortly, we will update them as soon as possible.

Thank you.

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