[Press] Hankook Ilbo, “Intube, launch of a Korean product purchasing service for global customers”

Intube Co., Ltd., has operated “Tubeat,” a Korean product purchasing service for overseas residents. Now, it opens a new international fintech service that allows global customers to purchase Korean products conveniently from domestic shopping malls.

On March 31st, Intube Co., Ltd. informed that it had newly introduced a purchase automation service that enables global customers to purchase Korean products directly from domestic shopping malls to expand the service area of ​​Tubeat, an international logistics service currently in operation.

Intube Co., Ltd. is a professional developer of artificial intelligence solutions. By combining its experience in building artificial intelligence solutions, which have been applied to the education sector, with purchasing services, Intube Co., Ltd. offers a Korean product purchasing service that is based on AI-based user pattern analysis and recommendation system technology that can solve language and environment restriction.

Until now, when global customers purchase Korean products, domestic shopping malls have had to build or rent environments for ordering, payment, and delivery to complete transactions. Global customers should face these environmental restrictions and only could purchase Korean products from specific domestic shopping malls. However, global customers will be able to purchase more Korean products from more domestic shopping malls through Intube’s purchasing service (Tubeat). Also, domestic shopping malls will not have to pay any cost to sell their products to global customers.

Daehyeon Lee, CEO of Intube Co., Ltd., said, “Although the demand and scope of global customers for Korean products have increased, it is still difficult for small and medium-sized domestic shopping malls to directly attract global customers. These days, the domestic market has been difficult after the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to overcome this difficulty by exporting Korean products overseas. For that, we need a purchasing solution that can be used universally by global customers without any environmental restrictions.”

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