[Tubeat Shipping] Regarding the FREE photo service for the shipping service

Hello, this is Tubeat.

From April 18th, we will update the following photo of the parcel you sent to the Tubeat warehouse for FREE.

– The photo of the parcel when it arrived at Tubeat warehouse.
– The photo of the outer box after we packed all items you requested.

If anyone wants to check the parcel you sent to Tubeat, please refer to the below.

[How to check the parcel stored in Tubeat]
1. Log in to Tubeat.
2. Click the “My Warehouse” page.
3. Click “View more” for the Parcel ID you want to check.
4. Check the below image.

If anyone wants to open your parcel and take a photo of the item inside or check the details for your items, please refer to the below and request for the “Items Photo” or “Items Review” service.

How to request “Items Photo” service

How to request “Items Review” service

Thank you.

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