[Tubeat Shipping] Announcement of countries that are restricted shipping battery contained items by EMS Premium shipment

Hello, this is Tubeat.

The below countries are not accepted all items containing batteries: built-in batteries and external batteries which are shipped by EMS Premium shipment.

Gabon (GA)
Guadeloupe (GP)
Guinea (GN)
Guiana (GF)
Nepal (NP)
Niger (NE)
Liberia (LR)
Martinique (MQ)
Mali (ML)
Mauritania (MR)
Benin (BJ)
Bolivia (BO)
Burkina Faso (BF)
Algeria (DZ)
Uganda (UG)
Egypt (EG)
China (CN)
Central African Republic (CF)
Chad (TD)
Cameroon (CM)
Cambodia (KH)
Kenya (KE)
Cote D`ivoire (CI)
Deomocratic Republic of the Congo (CD)
Togo (TG)
Paraguay (PY)
Fiji (FJ)
Australia (AU)

If you ship battery-containing items to the above countries by EMS Premium, the whole package (box) can be returned OR be discarded without any notice. In that case, you may charge additional fees. If anyone has battery-containing items to be shipped to the above countries by EMS Premium, please carefully note the above notice and select the other couriers when you request shipping.

Thank you.

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