[Tubeat Shipping] Regarding customized packing service

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Tubeat repacks all items requested to ship to avoid excessive shipping fees and to protect the items from damage that may occur during shipping. Repacking means the delivery procedure of removing the original outer box of items, safely repacking only the inner contents with packaging materials, and putting them in a standard box.

However, small (mail/letter) items and items packaged in courier bags are not repacked to prevent damage or loss that may occur during the repackaging process. Please kindly understand that items that cannot be packed in a standard box can be shipped in their original packaging without repacking.

If you have any other requests except the normal packing process above, please request a “Customized Packing Service”.

[Customized Packing Examples]
– I ordered A, B, and C. Please send only B and C, and keep A until the next shipping request.
– I ordered D, E, and F. Please send only E and F, and discard D.
– Remove posters from the paper tube, fold the posters, and send them only. Discard the remaining paper tube.
– Dispose of the paper tube and all posters in the paper tube.
– I ordered a large number of albums, but please open all albums and send only the contents inside the albums, and throw away the remaining albums.
– The items I ordered contain batteries. Please remove the batteries inside the items.
– This is a light stick that is used by connecting a portable battery charger. Please assemble the portable battery charger and the light stick.

If you want to request a customized packing service, please enter “[Customized Packing]” and describe your request in detail in the “Other Requests” field (the bottom of the shipping details) when you request shipping your items.

[Request Customized Packing Examples]
[Customized Packing] Please open all albums, send only the contents inside the albums, and throw away the rest.

※ The customized packing service may take several days longer than normal packaging, and an additional fee will be charged.
※ If you requested some exceptional requests which should be applied as a “Customized Packing Service” in the “Other requests”, Tubeat can charge an additional fee even if you have not requested a customized packing service. In that case, we will inform you individually.
※ Your customized packing requests can be rejected if they are hard to address. In that case, we will inform you individually, and the customized packing service fee will not be charged.

Thank you.

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