[Tubeat Shipping] Regarding box sizes and fees

Hello, this is Tubeat.

Tubeat uses the below types of boxes provided by the partner couriers.
The size (width x vertical x height) and fee for each box are as follows:

No. 1 : 23cm x 20cm x 10cm (700 KRW)
No. 1-1 : 26cm x 22cm x 17cm (800 KRW)
No. 2 : 28cm x 19cm x 16cm (800 KRW)
No. 2-1 : 36cm x 26cm x 11cm (900 KRW)
No. 3 : 36cm x 27cm x 23cm (1,100 KRW)
No. 4 : 43cm x 33cm x 30cm (1,700 KRW)
No. 5 : 50cm x 38cm x 36cm (2,300 KRW)
No. L : 56cm x 41cm x 36cm (2,700 KRW)

UPS S : 42cm x 32cm x 23cm (1,700 KRW)
UPS M : 51cm x 41cm x 28cm (2,300 KRW)
UPS L : 63cm x 48cm x 36cm (2,700 KRW)

FEDEX 4 : 62cm x 42cm x 22cm (1,700 KRW)
FEDEX 5 : 62cm x 42cm x 42cm (2,700 KRW)
FEDEX 6 : 71cm x 47cm x 27cm (2,300 KRW)

※ The size for each box above includes the margin of error. Accordingly, it may differ from the box specifications provided by partner couriers.
※ The sizes and fees of the boxes above follow the partner courier’s policy. So, according to the circumstances of partner couriers, some boxes may not be available to use, and box fees can be adjusted in the future.
※ According to the partner couriers’ policy, we can only use the boxes above, and we can not reassemble the boxes to make them smaller.

Thank you.

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