[Press] Hankook Ilbo, “Intube, signed a strategic business agreement with global logistics company UPS”

Intube, an AI-based EdTech company, signed a strategic business agreement with UPS, a global logistics company, to expand its AI technology based on the company’s vision of creating technology for people and to extend business areas as international logistics services.

One of the services in Intube, “Tubeat”, provides a Fintech-based logistics platform that enables global logistics for products that are produced by Korean small and medium-sized enterprises and a buying proxy service for overseas residents. In addition, through an agreement with UPS, it provides a personal smart warehouse service that enables automated logistics; store-release, return, and one-day overseas shipping.

Tubeat plans to add an automated multilingual purchasing service that is not restricted by language and environment based on AI-based user pattern analysis and recommendation system technology. Hereby, Tubeat will provide an AI-based export platform that makes overseas buyers easy to purchase Korean products.

James Lee, CEO of Intube Co., Ltd., said “There were many K-pop-related products in the selected range of overseas buyers for Korean products before, but it becomes broader depending on their individual preferences after the COVID-19 pandemic. These days, exports are important. It is a time when individual-specific services and infrastructure are needed.”

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